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Skaggs provides body armor to verifiable law enforcement, fire, EMS, security, and military customers.

All online body armor orders must be accompanied by a department ID, military ID, or guard card, and orders will only ship to a verifiable department or company address. 

All concealable armor orders are custom-made and may take 4-12 weeks or longer, depending on manufacturer speed & availability. All body armor orders have a 30-day window during which it may be returned for complimentary alterations, but all sales are final. Because all armor manufacturers measure and cut their armor differently, all body armor orders must be completed on the sheets provided by the corresponding manufacturer.


We will not sell mismatched brand concealable armor and carrier sets. Each armor manufacturer shapes and suspends armor differently. Using mismatched carrier and armor sets often negates any warranty coverage offered by the manufacturer due to armor being used outside of the specifications tested and approved by NIJ. Further, incompatible suspension systems may result in sagging panels that lack proper coverage and break the protective ballistic panel seals over time. This can result in mold, mildew, and other agents entering the ballistic panels, significantly or completely depleting any ballistic capabilities of soft armor. 


We strongly recommend only ordering outer carriers from the brand that manufactures your armor panels


If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us!


For additional items available from body armor manufacturers such as up-armor plates, pouches, and outer carriers, please contact us.

All sales are final.


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