Blauer 343R Oralite Zip-Front Safety Vest
  • Blauer 343R Oralite Zip-Front Safety Vest

    A Blauer Hi-Vis Safety Vest is an affordable way to increase visibility for policemen and responders without constricting them on the job. This 21-inch zip-front safety vest uses high-contrast Oralite® material that reflects even the smallest amounts of light. This makes it especially useful on traffic duty, as headlights will practically light your vest up. The backing is made of breathable mesh fabric to keep air flowing. Each fade-resistant vest is constructed to break away at the shoulders and waist if sufficient force is applied, protecting the wearer from attackers or from getting caught in a moving vehicle.

    The Oralite Zip-Front Safety Vest can be worn right over regular winter outwear for 360-degree increased visibility. It has a pen pocket on the front along with a microphone tab on either shoulder for recording. Departments can also add up to two rows of custom lettering or insignia on either the front or the rear. Order your ANSI-certified adjustable safety vest today and get a product that is comfortable and can be seen from a long way away — which is exactly what you want when you’re working in high-traffic areas.

    • Certified to ANSI 107-2015 Type P Class 2
    • Authorized for purchase under the Homeland Security Grant Program as PPE
    • Hi-contrast Oralite® stripes are highly reflective, durable and offer day and nightime visibility
    • Hi-vis breathable mesh background fabric is fade resistant
    • Breakaway design with hook-and-loop fasteners comes apart at shoulders and waist to prevent entanglement with car mirrors and attackers
    • 360 degree reflective coverage
    • Front and rear accommodate two rows of custom lettering
    • Double slotted pen pocket on delrin zipper front
    • Microphone tab on both shoulders
    • Fully adjustable at waist