Blauer 8120X Compression Shirt

Blauer 8120X Compression Shirt

Our compression shirt is built with four-way stretch performance blend fabric to move with you and 
regulate your body temperature. Wear it tight fitting under your uniform and it will become your go-to 


Key Features:

  • Performance blend of cotton and Lycra® with moisture wicking treatment wicks sweat away from your body and wears like compression gear to keep you cool in hot weather
  • Jersey knit with 4-way stretch for performance and durability for active duty and tactical applications
  • High cotton content is safe for public safety - cotton will not melt or fuse to skin like leading polyester and nylon blends when exposed to high heat or flames
  • Raglan style sleeve with reinforced seams for tactical appearance and durability
  • Extra-long to stay tucked in during the most strenuous activities


What is a compression t-shirt and how are Blauer’s different? Most consumer compression t’s are made with 100% polyester fibers. The fibers are treated with wicking chemicals to make them more absorbent (cotton-like). They may be shiny or dull yarns and come in a variety of constructions. Most of them have pretty good stretch and most are also treated with anti-microbial chemicals to ward off body order causing bacteria. Over time polyester compressions shirts will tend to pill and some will also stain from the use of deodorants and body oils. If exposed to heat or flames they will melt and drip and can badly burn skin. It is for this reason that the US military has banned their use in the theatre of battle operations. 


Blauer compression t’s are made using and intimate blend of 90% cotton and 10% lycra. The fabric is no melt, no drip when exposed to heat or flames and has four way stretch so you can choose whether you want a loose or a compression fit. The knit collar is also blended cotton and lycra and will easily stretch to fit all head sizes.