Safariland 6280 Holster

Safariland 6280-835-81 (Glock 17/22 Basketweave Finish w/ ITI Lam Unit)

SKU: SAF6280-835-81

Basketweave leather-look finish with ITI Lam Unit Attachment, Belt Loop. Right hand.


The Safariland® 6280 SLS Mid-ride model is a top draw, straight cant duty holster with the SLS (Self Locking System) rotating hood, which allows for a smoother single-motion draw and greater protection against attempted takeaways. The hood can only be released by being simultaneously pushed down and rotated forward. With Level II Retention™ capabilities, the 6280 can be adjusted to a Level III Retention™ with the addition of an optional Sentry device.


Constructed of SafariLaminate™ the holster is durable, easy to clean. It features a tensioning device, suede lining and a molded sight track for protection of the firearm.