Streamlight Stylus
  • Streamlight Stylus

    Alkaline Powered Penlight


    This bright LED penlight has a battery life 20x greater than a standard flashlight and goes anywhere you need it.

    • Body available in Black, Gold, Silver, US Flag, Red or Blue
    • High-intensity 100,000 hour LED available in Artic White, Flame Red (624nm), Ice Blue (470nm), Navigation Green (527nm), Ultraviolet (365nm), or Infrared (880nm).
    • Light Output:
      White: 24m beam distance; 11 lumens; 140 candela peak beam intensity
      Blue: 21m beam distance; 2 lumens; 110 candela peak beam intensity
      Red: 15m beam distance; 2 lumens; 53 candela peak beam intensity
      Green: 15m beam distance, 7 lumens, 59 candela peak beam intensity
      UV: 3.8 mW measured system output
      IR: 12 mW/sr measured system output
      See model for specific LED selection.
    • 3 "AAAA" size alkaline batteries.
    • Features a momentary blink switch and constant on.
    • Runs up to 24 continuous hours to the 10% lumen output level.
    • IPX4 rated for water resistant operation
    • Individually serialized
    • Pocket clip
    • Includes Glare Guard protector
    • 6.21" x .375" (15.17 x .95 cm)
    • 1.1 oz (31.19 g)
    • Assembled in USA