Survival Armor Phoenix Series
  • Survival Armor Phoenix Series

    Quality and Safety are always the top concern when creating a ballistic package. When designing the Phoenix6 ballistic package, we would settle for no less. The ballistic material combination offers both while providing ultimate performance and much needed comfort.


    • NIJ 0101.06 Certified complete size range C1 – C5
    • Available in both Male and Female Structured Packages
    • Made of Aramid and Polyethylene materials
    • Pad Cover made of Durable TPU Ripstop
    • Patented visiBALLISTICS™ technology, Survival Armor® now gives the decision makers and users of personal body armor peace of mind. We put the ability to inspect the vest in your hands where it belongs. Officers can clearly see what they are buying and how armor stands up to daily wear without removing the vest from service.


    *Non Structured females are also available in our female pad shape with the Vantage carrier



    • 9mm 127gr SXT +P+ Ranger
    • .357 Sig 125gr GDHP Speer
    • 5.7 x 28 40gr V-MAX FN SS-197
    • 7.62 x 25 85gr FMJ Tokarev
    • LT-3A: FBI, DEA and MIL-SPEC-FRAG Tested



    LC-II 1.01 .21 1592 1555
    LC-FEM-II 1.04 .22 1593 1637



    MODEL WEIGHT (LBS/FT2) THINNESS (IN.) V-50 .357 SIG (FPS) V-50 .44 MAG (FPS)
    LT-3A 1.09 .24 1754 1580
    TKU-FEM-IIIA 1.35 .25 1704 1553


    Includes 1 Vertex or Vantage Concealable Carrier

    The Vertex6 has been redesigned with increased durability and adjustability. Reinforced with Mini-Diamond Rip Stop wear strips along the edges to enhance durability in common friction areas. Spantron material on the body side allows for climate control, odor resistance and anti-microbial moisture management. Full top width loop strip across shoulders allows for infinite placement of shoulder straps. Complete with dual 5″ x 8″ and 7″ x 9″ stealth plate pockets.



    • LDSS patented load distributing strapping system
    • Tails, hard or soft plate inserts
    • Back plate pocket


    Available in gray, white, navy, black, tan, brown and olive colors