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Skaggs Public Safety Uniforms' Star Card program is a simplified solution for agency purchasing. From tax savings to locked-in pricing and SKUs, your agency will enjoy a host of benefits you may not have considered possible. Individual employees receive their own purchasing card tied to a budgeted allotment controlled by you. Invoices, approved items, and more are viewable and adjustable through our new online portal coming in Spring 2023.


Tax Savings

Savings on the Star Card program can be significant. Cash disbursements to individual officers are taxed as income by both state and federal law where applicable. By using an antiquated cash disbursement system, agencies are losing purchasing power in their uniform and gear budgets to income taxes. Direct agency billing bypasses this additional tax, saving a significant amount of budgeted money for uniforms & equipment.



When agency employees shop retail with cash, the agency is missing out on volume purchasing discounts on items they are going to buy anyway. Star Card offers locked-in annual pricing on the items you buy most, plus additional discounts on anything else your personnel need for duty.

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Local or National

Whether your agency is down the street or across the country, your administrative or command staff can take total control of Star Card individual allotments, invoicing, specifications, budgeting, and so much more. Our retail stores and web systems work in sync to ensure your agency has complete and accurate accessible billing, whether you shop in-store or online.

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or Wide Open

With Star Card, you're in control. Create a uniform and equipment specification your agency can be billed for. You choose which SKUs are billable items--even limiting quantities of certain approved items over time periods. Or, give your personnel the freedom and flexibility to get the gear they need when they need it. The choice is yours.

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Macro & Micro

Your agency's Star Card web store will be a derivative of our main website. This way, your personnel will be able to purchase approved items for agency bill out against their allotment, and cash purchases with additional savings for their other items. Each individual will also be able to track their own cash or credit purchases and review them for tax purposes later on.


Pre-approve new employees with their own Star Card allotment before they even reach our door. Remove personnel that are no longer with your agency. Change allotments on the fly to adjust for individual needs. Instantly view the status of any order at any time and anywhere on any device with our universal web-based system.

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On the Fly

Want to approve a new item for purchase by your personnel? Simply add it to your Star Card department specifications and it will be instantly available for purchase at a discount to your personnel, in-store or online. No salespeople, no hassle. Need some specificity? Our account representatives are happy to help with embellishments, pricing, and more.


With your own Star Card web portal, store stock, pricing, and control over allotments, invoicing, specifications, and more, your agency has the tools it needs to simplify purchasing, cut costs, and stretch your budget further.

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Not Ready to Commit?

There's no need to commit. Without contracts, your agency is free to use the Star Card system as it is useful to you. Use it as a reserve budgeting backup to your current purchasing methods to ensure your personnel are always in uniform. Or, use it as a quartermaster purchasing portal for special savings. However you choose to use it, you'll find instant savings and a convenient online portal to manage your agency's purchasing and tracking for uniforms, body armor, duty gear, and so much more.

Need it sooner?

Find out about our current Star Card program that already carries many of these same benefits. Your Star Card account will be fully integrated into the expanded capabilities of the new Star Card system when it goes live, for a seamless transition.

Contact us today to find out more about how Skaggs can help your agency save time, save money, and simplify your purchasing with Star Card.

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